Allover the world, and particularly in Europe , multilingual and multicultural environments are encouraged and diverse languages and cultures are taken under conservation. “European Language Passport” is a personal tool intended for all Europeans to become multicultural and multilingual, for use during contact with different cultures, and to guide the language learning process. Researches show that the need for foreign language learning increases gradually.

“Generic methods, content and tools for multilingual education” project endeavors to develop a distance education platform that will provide the opportunity to develop and present language education programs intended for diverse languages, which will enable foreign language education via the Internet.

One target of this project is individuals who want to learn another foreign language, using the desired language. Another target of the project is corporate or organizations, both domestic and abroad, which desire their language to be taught through other languages, or other languages to be taught through their own language. It is possible to develop project partnership with those organizations.

The goal of the project is to do research on how diverse languages can be learnt through a common method and construct a generic platform according to the results of this research. A research and development phase, where method and media studies interlace, is designed. In the application phase, initially a structure for European languages is constructed, and a model for a single language is developed. In this phase, the necessary multimedia components are produced, and structures and tools peculiar to language are added. One of the basic elements of the model is the learning objects, which will be developed according to the objectives of the European Language Portfolio, grammar structures of the language and measurement and evaluation elements.

This approach will enable the development directed at common components of languages in general, support for functions and skills peculiar to language education and addition of diversities between languages, and cultures.

Deriving from the fact that the project proposes not only a tool, but also a model and a method for corporate and individuals who aim to develop a new language education through the platform, and support those with multimedia components developed uniquely for language education, the project is expected to bring about significant financial gain.


The transfer of Dialecture learning objects into the platform was accomplished.

05.09. 2006

The test-publishing of the prepared platform and the content has started on the internet.


The main aim of Chess portal is enhancing and reinforcing the users knowledge of chess with various leves from basic chess roles to advanced principles of chess. This portal consists of 3 units, 46 lessons and more than five hundreds exercises moreover it hosts one more subportal for online chess where users can enhance their abilities.

Chess Portal is developed by the following technologies: Fritz, .Net Web Services, FlashRemoting, C# ve ActionScripts.


Doç.Dr.Hüseyin Çelik (Secretary of Ministry of Education) and Ali Nihat Yazıcı (President of Turkish Chess Federation) will present the Online Chess Academia.


Unit 2 have been added to the corse content.


Unit 1 have been added to the corse content.


Our company undertake the project of developing Online Chess Academia.


The aim of the Distance Turkish Test project is to develop a distance education platform which will enable people who wish to measure and certificate their Turkish language proficiency. In the development process of the project, the questions, evaluation models, methods and tools which are required for the measurement of Turkish language proficiency, are being constructed.
In Distance Turkish Test each user will be asked a hundred questions under the skills of listening, reading, speaking, grammar and written and spoken expression. The target audience of the project is people from all age groups who want to measure their Turkish language proficiency.
The project work is categorized under three headings:

1- Construction of Data entry system and Question bank : These are the studies that include, the prepared interface which is supported by the tools developed to form the content of the test, and specialized according to question groups, and the development of the database where the content will be deposited.

2- The implementation and the evaluation of the test : These studies include the construction, the publishing and the evaluation of the test of the test on the internet.
The evaluation of the test results will be based on the grading standards that will be prepared by our project partner TÖMER.

3- The Design of the Platform: These studies include the tools that provide the efficient usage of the project, the modules that the content providers, the administrators and the users will need and the design and development of the platform.

Ceremony and following receptions image gallery from Dedeman Hotel :



The objective of the Postal Lines Optimization project is to optimize the postal lines that are used to deliver goods by the Management Office of PTT. The system produces solutions and detailed follow-up reports using the information about the portal lines and the offices that are computed by the user. Moreover, it enables the delivery of the reports that are prepared by the Management Office of PTT and associate work places over the web.
PTT can learn the situation of the lines; the routes that the goods should go through, the effect of the changes in the lines on the situation, which routes they have to use for the shipments via air that are working under the agreement with THY, which process centers are more important in terms of shipments and which centers or lines delays emanate from with the reports that are prepared by the postal line optimization software.
Additionally, the system provides suggestions to fix situations. The project makes it possible that centers and workplaces associated with PTT and gain instant access to reports over the web and enables the workers to make their posts without having to communicate with the management office.

Hangikredi is formed as a portal that makes it enable for the users to search for loan online and to apply for the institution that offers loan options.
By the portal, the users can access the institution that offers the loan and the data concerning the loan and they can compare between the loaning options that they find suitable.

Detailed information about the loan is being displayed on the loan information web pages supported with graphics. The website includes a glossary that includes broad information about the terms used in loans. The portal also provides tools that the user can use in loan and budget calculations. Using these tools, loan payments and income and outcome proportions can be calculated, furthermore, tables of payments can be created.
The security is considered as foreground within the website and secure socket layer (ssl) has been used on the web pages where information about the user and the loan are displayed. The administration of the website is developed in a manner that the content and the data can be easily changed by an average web user. The site also has an advanced membership system, reporting system and banner management module.

A New Approach by Simultaneous Learning of Languages

In this project which is run in the scope of Socrates and Lingua 2, it is aimed to improve Turkish, Finnish and Hungarian language proficiencies and to improve the dialogs between different countries and cultures by a new method. Under the coordination of German ESTA Educational Institute, the project will be run with 10 partners located in Turkey, Hungary and Finland and it is aimed to develop materials and to bind distant cultures by the knowledge of new language approaches.

Distance Education Project (UTS) which is being carried out by Ankara University TÖMER and Bilemek as partners, was rewarded European Language Award. In 19th of December 2006, the award was presented to the holders with a ceremony and following reception.
'DIALECTURE', the portal for multilingual education project is now active

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05.09. 2006
The test-publishing of the prepared platform and the content has started on the internet. next>>
Doç.Dr.Hüseyin Çelik and Ali Nihat Yazıcı will present the Online Chess Academia.. next>>
Unit 2 have been added to the corse>>
Unit 1 have been added to the corse content.. next>>
Our company undertake the project of developing Online Chess Academia. next>>
The objective of the Postal Lines Optimization project is to develop a distance education next>>
Hangikredi is formed as a portal that makes it enable for the users to ...